Truro Health Park – Arts for Health Workshops


Arts for Health Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (AFHC) was engaged by NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly and Community 1st Cornwall to develop an Arts and Health Strategy for the Truro Health Park development. One of the opportunities provided by the creation of Truro Health Park is the range of positive partnerships that may be developed in order to meet the needs and aspirations of local residents.

AFHC ran a series of workshops with members of the local community to come up with design ideas and inspiration for the project. The first phase of this project was overseen by Lead Artist Rob Olins and Landscape Architect Mike Westley.

A wide range of 2D and 3D work was produced in the workshops, and design ideas for the courtyard area of the Health Park were developed with the help of members of the local community which were then show-cased in the Hall for Cornwall in July 2006.

Community members also helped to establish concepts for how the arts might be incorporated into the building itself in the form of lighting, flooring designs and art installations.

A key issue that arose from the workshops was the importance of bringing the outside into the building, reflecting the natural landscape of the area. There was also a strong desire to have a sense of natural flowing water – water being perceived as calming, with health and life-giving properties.

The next phase of works commenced in March 2008. This saw the ideas from the first phase consultations, developed by specially commissioned local artists and then displayed to the general public at a consultation event on Truro’s Lemon Quay, attended by over 80 people.

After this public consultation, more detailed designs were developed by the artists and the pieces were installed in the building after its handover.